Qatar Airways and FC Barcelona, A Team that Unites the World: The Best Football Ad Ever?

FC Barcelona and Qatar Airways

Hi everyone,
Qatar Airways is a FC Barcelona partner since the 2013 season. Qatar Airways and the Catalan club launched a fantastic ad campaign: Qatar Airways and FC Barcelona, a team that unites the world. An ad that could become the ad of the year.

A quick reminder: FC Barcelona deal with Qatar Airways is up to €30.5 million, €32 million and €33.5 million until the current agreement with QSI expires on June 30, 2016. A UEFA Champions League victory will be worth an additional €5 million. 

The advert is simply fantastic. It displays the journey into Barça’s world, featuring players like Neymar, Pique, Puyol (love the header on the flower pot), and obvisouly, Messi, Iniesta and others. 

What I do enjoy on this ad are the details. The land of FC Barcelona is simply an island FCB crest shapped. Blaugrana colours are everywhere, so are FCB letters at the customs booth for example. The customs stamp is also featuring both brands crests. 

FC Barcelona merchandise is also displayed: 0’23 and 1’07 two guys wear Barça jackets. Cabs and travellers suitcases are painted in blaugrana, and check out the cab plate! 9913FCB. And check out who the cab driver is!! Awesome!

My football knowledge tells me 99 for 1899, birth of FC Barcelona and 13 for 2013, as in now. Sergio Busquets and Iniesta painting, not with paintbrushes but with footballs.

To me, the best part is when Puyol most likely featured in a new Tarzan movie “Me Puyol you game”. We see him at later stage saving someone’s life (or head) by heading a falling flower pot. How can you capture Puyol’s essence better than that? Isn’t that what Puyol is all about? Wouldn’t Puyol do that in real life, seriously? He definitly would!  Some other details like Tiki Taka direction signs.

The global reach of FC Barcelona is obviously outlined. At 0’45 we can see what would be the FCB Chinatown and even the Barça colours written in Russian. 

Barça do not play football, no no! What they do is art. The FC Barcelona School of Performing Arts is led by Messi. Also, at 0’47 check out the road sign. Yes, a warning sign with a ball inside it. Beware, people play football here and everywhere. Is it Total Football or Football Total?

Now Barça fans, help me out. At 0’50, who is on picture on the wall at the FC Barcelona School of Performing Arts where Messi is teaching? I can’t figure out who that is. Do I see Johan Cruyff? 

Global, inspirational, fun, cool, yet keeping the strong tradition and heritage of the Catalan club. In other words, a fantastic ad. Wait I said that already right?

Karl Lusbec

A few shots

FC Barcelona and Qatar Airways 4

FC Barcelona and Qatar Airways 5

FC Barcelona and Qatar Airways 3