Upset Irish Fan Buys Australian TV Rights for Sweden Game

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David Feeney, originally from Dublin, now lives in Australia but still wants to follow the boys in green despite local television refused to show Ireland’s crunch World Cup qualifier against Sweden.

Fearing he might be forced to miss the game, Feeney contacted a friend involved in broadcasting in Ireland before making a bid to Kentaro, the German media company that own the broadcasting rights to the match. 

“They said my bid was too low, but that it was close then I raised bid and they said OK,” Feeney, a Sydney-based IT director, told Reuters.

Having used his home as security to borrow the money to buy the rights, Feeney revealed how he managed to bring his wife around to the idea.

He said: “She was hardest to convince alright, but we have an agreement that if it (the venture) makes any money, she gets to keep it!”

Feeney has partnered with a local horse racing channel to broadcast the match that takes place tonight. [Source: Inside World Soccer]

Karl Lusbec