Who Will Sponsor AS Monaco Next Season?


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AS Monaco are one of the big spenders in world football. With the arrival of Abidal, Falcao, Carvalho and others, the white and red are back in european and global football. With Macron as kit manufacturer until the end of 2013-2014 season, we can fairly expect the likes of adidas, Nike or Puma to make a move.

If we look at the french market, adidas, Nike and Puma are fairly settled. Nike sponsors Montpellier, Lille and PSG. Adding AS Monaco to their portfolio will not be beneficial on a replica sales perspective, but merely on an brand image standpoint. Indeed, AS Monaco replica sales are not the highest in L1.

Also, on the european scene, Nike lost Arsenal to Puma from next season onwards, and AS Monaco could be a good replacement.

Adidas is the kit manufacturer of Olympique Lyonnais, Olympique de Marseille, AS St Etienne. A very strong portfolio especially with OM providing a ROI on replicas and a positive brand image. Inking a sponsorship deal with AS Monaco might be additional costs adidas might not want to incur. 

Puma has a strong card to play, considering that their teams in Ligue 1 are Bordeaux and Rennes. However, Puma recently signed a sponsorship deal with Arsenal and might not make AS Monaco their top priority.

My take is that Nike could be next Monaco’s kit supplier. First of all, since PSG and Nike are renogotiating their sponsorship deal, and the french capital club’s financial expectations might not be met by the swoosh. Secondly, although french football has not reached the appeal of that of the Premier League or La Liga, it’s still a key market for any sports brand. Finally, AS Monaco has a tradition of great football, great players and the “reboot” of ASM will be a boost for both brands.

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