Dare to be Brasilian: New Nike Football Ad

Nike Dare to be Brasilian 2013

Hi everyone,
Nike football released their new ad featuring Brasilian players’ styles, skills and football culture. Fun, inspirational Nike stars its famous icons such as Thiago Silva, Neymar, David Luiz, Paulinho and Bernard. Even Ronaldo and Scorlari have their seconds of shine.

Dare to be Brasilian brushes out the different personalities and football styles of key Brasilian players. What triggered Thiago Silva to be a defender? Where did Neymar get his skills and tricks? How David Luiz nurtured his aggressive yet skillful way of tackling? This short video says it all.

We now know where and how players got their talents, and can see what they feel on the pitch.

A very “made in Nike” ad where values of winning, offense, hard work, being a hero are very strong, but also values of fun, inspiring, daring and creative are put forward.

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Karl Lusbec


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