adidas Launches the Brazuca, the World Cup 2014 Official Matchball


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adidas officially launched the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil ball, the Brazuca, at Parque Lage in Rio de Janeiro. Adidas says that the Brazuca is the most-tested ball ever having undergone a a two and a half year testing period with than 600 of the world’s top players and 30 teams in 10 countries across three continents.

Clubs involved in testing included AC Milan, Bayern Munich, Palmeiras and Fluminese, with Leo Messi, Iker Casillas, Bastian Schweinsteiger and Zinedine Zidane amongst the players to take part in the process.

The ball was used at the FIFA U-20 World Cup to see how it held up in competitive international matches and was also used for a friendly match between Sweden and Argentina in February 2013.

The name Brazuca was chosen back in September 2012 following a public vote in Brazil involving 1 million football fans. Translated the name means ‘Brazilian’, or to describe the Brazilian way of life.

The technology incorporated into the bladder and carcass of brazuca is the same as Tango 12 and Cafusa balls – used in the UEFA Euro 2012 and FIFA Confederations Cup 2013, respectively – as well as the UEFA Champions League Official Match Ball.



Adidas is unlikely to receive the criticism for Brazuca that it did for its South African World Cup ball in 2010 which was famously described by a number of players as “like kicking a beach ball”.

Adidas has extended its partnership and sponsorship with FIFA through to 2030 in a 16-year extension of a deal that first saw them come together for the World Cup in Mexico in 1970.

The World Cup is predicted to provide a massive revenue boost in the region of $2.7 billion for adidas’ football-related sales.

With the unveiling of Brazuca adidas has called on players and fans to ‘Love Me or Lose Me’ as part of its ‘All In or Nothing’ World Cup campaign. [Source: Inside Football]

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