Uruguayan ghost of 1950 in Brazil

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Puma 1950 Ghost

Hi everyone,
16 July 1950. Uruguay stunned the world with their 2-1 victory over Brasil at the overcrowded Maracaña stadium. Supposedly, this “tragedy” is still haunting Brasilians today. Puma is using this unforgettable event to communicate on the 2014 World Cup and leverage its marketing rights with Uruguay. 

A Pretty cool viral called Puma – Uruguayan Ghost of 1950 in Brazil. I was recently outlining that non World Cup sponsors (Nike, Puma and others) need to be smart since they cannot use the World Cup marks (none of them) to raise awareness of their products and of the Federations they sponsor.

Puma found a cool viral to advertise their partnership with the Uruguayan National Team in a provocative yet fun way. Have a look!

What do you think?
Karl Lusbec


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