Bayern Munich to Subsidise Cost of Tickets for Champions League Game at Arsenal

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The Champions League holders have opted to thank the club’s supporters for their loyalty and support in the past few seasons. Bayern Munich have agreed to subsidise the cost of ticket prices for fans supporting the team in action against Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium on February 19.

Arsenal are charging visiting fans €75 for the first leg of the round of 16 Champions League tie, but Bayern have announced that they will pay part of the entrance fee to reduce the price for their supporters to €45.

“Both in the past and in the current season, Bayern have impressed people not only with their good performances, but also with their enthusiastic fans,” a statement on the club’s official website reads.

What really stands out is that a large part of the fans not only support Bayern during the absolute highlights, but try to attend each away game. It’s clear that this dedication not only costs a lot of time, but money as well.

It should be clear to everyone that this loyalty involves a great deal of time and expenses. Bayern have therefore decided to subsidise the tickets for the away game at Arsenal.

Bayern have therefore decided to compensate the fans who attend the away game against Arsenal in order to thank you for the support throughout 2013.”

Bayern have been allocated 2978 tickets for the away game against Arsenal, taking the total cost of the action to nearly €90.000. [Source: Goal]

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2 thoughts on “Bayern Munich to Subsidise Cost of Tickets for Champions League Game at Arsenal

  1. Clubs befriend fans …nice to see….also good marketing….nurturing the relationship is a 2 way thing not just growing the share of wallet of a global market. Interesting to see Chelsea not filling their home European games and, I think, recently Man U?


  2. Hi Paul,
    Exactly, it’s a two way street. It’s fundamental for clubs to make sure their fans are treated well, not only during home games but also when their teams play away!


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