Cristiano Ronaldo: Unfinished. Nike Celebrates CR7 Ballon d’Or Win

CR7 Ballon d'or

Hi guys,
Yesterday I was pointing out that although Nike doesn’t have the marketing rights for the Ballon d’Or, they nonetheless will come up with a creative way to celebrate whether Ribery or Ronaldo wins. Well, check this out.

Not even one hour after Cristiano Ronaldo got crowned, Nike launched the “Cristiano Ronaldo: Unfinished” video. A viral that outlines: “Last year’s success is today’s expectations”.

The video celebrates CR7 69 goals, 8 hat-tricks, 41 wins and an overall mindblowing individual performance. A strong Just Do It video where Nike puts forward the Portuguese skills, talent and hard work. Check it out.

Karl Lusbec


2 thoughts on “Cristiano Ronaldo: Unfinished. Nike Celebrates CR7 Ballon d’Or Win

  1. When people think of CR7, a lot will think Nike, however, when you think about the players Adidas has had over the years: Messi, Beckham, Zidane. I could be wrong but seems like most fans never associated Adidas with them (at least in the same way Nike was attached to Ronaldo or CR7). Do you think Adidas under-utilizes their players?


  2. Hi Tai,
    I think adidas and Nike utilise their players to the same extend with obviously a different strategy and approach. Beckham, Zidane were heavily “stamped” adidas and had visibility during major football events and in key markets. There are few players that have a marketability potential. Beckham is/was definitly one of them for adidas, so is CR7 for Nike. The difficulty is first, to have a player with a global marketing potential and second, market him wisely and impactfully.


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