Cristiano Ronaldo & Xabi Alonso: Nike or adidas?

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For those who know me -or this blog-, you know by now my interest in the adidas-Nike feud. One of the best stories in sports and sports marketing are written by these 2 brands. During training , Xabi Alonso and Cristiano Ronaldo are argueing as to which brand is the best. Take a look.

Cristiano Ronaldo, one of Nike’s icon and Xabi Alonso an adidas player are having an argument about which is the best brand: adidas or Nike.

Cristiano Ronaldo: How can you compare Adidas to Nike?

Xabi Alonso: Adidas is history.

Xabi: Nike are basketball shoes

Cristiano Ronaldo: Basketball?

Xabi: Yes

Cristiano Ronaldo: Those boots are best?

Cristiano Ronaldo: Yes

Cristiano Ronaldo: These boots are top for a top player

Xabi: Top but are plastic

Cristiano Ronaldo: Plastic?

Xabi: Yes Plastic

Xabi: Nike football are 3 days

Xabi: Madrid is Adidas. Adidas is 70 years in football, not like nike who have been around 3 days…

I obviously don’t know if and how adidas and Nike will respond or comment, but it’s interesting that both players are backing up their sponsors. How fantastic if a Puma player had chipped in!

Karl Lusbec