FC Barcelona: Social Medias King

FC Barcelona social media kings

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Barça is the first sports club anywhere in the world to reach 100 million followers on social networks. The club gains about 100,000 new followers a day on over 30 different official channels on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google+ and Tencent Weibo. 

FC Barcelona is the first sports club anywhere in the world to be able to boast more than 100 million followers on its social networks, thus consolidating its position as a global phenomenon in the digital world.

Sporting and social excellence has led to leadership in the 2.0 market, where FCB is the top club on all the world’s major networks. In fact, the club is gaining about 100,000 new followers a day on its different social networks, and is the number one sports club on each of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Tencent Weibo and YouTube, the biggest platforms in the world.

On Facebook, for example, FC Barcelona’s page is one of the 25 most popular in the world. Just a few weeks ago, FCB passed the 50 million mark and is considerably ahead of the likes of Real Madrid, Manchester United and Chelsea.

On Facebook, Barça has more followers than any club in the top North American leagues, including the NBA, MLB and NFL, and more than any club in Europe’s top soccer leagues, including the FA Premiership.

Dídac Lee, the director of the Media and Communications Department and head of New Technologies, has said that 100 million followers “is a spectacular figure that shows how much people love our Club … Barça is a global phenomenon, we welcome a new follower to our social networks every second … FC Barcelona has more followers on social networks than there are people in the twelfth most populated country in the world (the Philippines with 87 million)”.

And it’s not only about quantity. It’s quality too. The club has been internationally recognised with the Social Star Awards that honour the most influential institutions and personalities in each sector of the global market.

An analysis of the distribution of these 100 million followers clearly reflects the dominant role of Facebook, which has 64.2% of the total, almost three times more than Twitter (22.3%).

But Barça is not only present on Facebook and Twitter. The club also has enormously popular accounts on Google+ (7.7%), Tencent Weibo (3.2%), Instagram (1.5%) and YouTube (1.2%).

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Barça’s famous status as ‘more than a club’ is perfectly reflected by its 2.0 presence, where it has more than 30 official channels on the main social networks. Not only are there accounts where fans can follow the fortunes of the football team, but on Facebook and Twitter there are also generic accounts for the four other professional sports (basketball, handball, futsal and roller hockey).

Social networks are an excellent tool for interacting with fans and serving members around the world, for which reason the club also has accounts targeted at more specific markets. The club website is available in no fewer than nine different languages: Catalan, Spanish, English, Chinese, French, Arabic, Indonesian, Japanese and Portuguese.

FC Barcelona publishes content in these languages every day and it is also distributed via its social networks, where it is frequently geolocalised for specific countries. It not just a matter of translating content, but also adapting it to different types of needs, as well as producing specific content for the different language groups that make up FC Barcelona’s worldwide community.

In 2013, there was an increase of 32 million followers on all of the club’s social networks. But more than just setting records in terms of numbers, FC Barcelona is also working hard to ensure that its supporters make the most of these platforms by receiving all the very latest news and information. [Source: FC Barcelona]

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