The Football Lounge is 4 Years Old!

Karl & WC 2a

Hi guys,
Today the football marketing blog is 4 years old! When I kicked off this journey, I never thought the reward would have been so immense, but it has.

I have a passion for football, and have managed to merge my passion with my professional career. I was privileged to work with clubs such as AC Milan, Ajax Amsterdam, the French National team and other football symbols. I decided to share my views and knowledge and launched the football lounge. 

4 years and more almost 900 posts published -which is almost 2 articles a day- I have met, interacted with fantastic individuals, learned from them and grew professionally in the process. 

On this blog, I give a strong emphasis on the brands that build football and make our industry so exciting. Nike, adidas and Puma are the company I keep tabs on, simply because I believe without them, there is no football – period.

These brands have such an amazing story and connection to football, that every day brings its lot of new products, one-of-a-kind marketing strategies, fantastic technologies, amazing virals, etc….. I love it, and I hope you do too.
Unfortunately, the good comes with the bad. Our sport has its fair share of evil: racism, homophobia, corruption, which I also talk about here.

I am thankful to all of you, who read, comment or not, interact and spread the word. Thank you very much guys, this blog lives thanks to you!