Bayern Munich to Open New York Offices

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In October 2013, Rummenigge said : “We plan to open two offices abroad. One in China and one in New York. We want to make Bayern Munich an internationally-known brand and increase revenue from merchandising and sponsorship”. In April 2014, Bayern Munich will open their first office in New York City.

Indeed, Bayern Munich has taken a big step in its bid to develop its global brand by announcing that its first overseas office will open in New York on April 1.

The FC Bayern Muenchen LLC office will be headed by managing director Rudolf Vidal, who be part of an initial team of three people in Manhattan. Vidal was born in Colorado but also has German citizenship.

“I am very happy that I can take over this great and exciting challenge at Bayern,” Vidal said. “Together with my colleagues we will tackle the tasks entrusted to us quickly and with great dedication. We want to help to strengthen the international reputation of the club and build on it.”

Jörg Wacker, Bayern Munich’s director of internationalisation and strategy, added: “As an American, Rudolf Vidal, with his many years of experience in the fields of sports, media and marketing is ideally cast for Bayern. We are sure that Rudolf Vidal and his team in New York will, with great commitment and expertise, significantly enhance Bayern in its internationalisation.”

Football in North America is getting more and more attention and has set itself as a key market for global clubs. After the launch of New York City FC, the US branch of Manchester City, Bayern Munich increases its presence on the New York market. Exciting football -or soccer- years to come!

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