World Cup 2014 Federation Jerseys Redesigned

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Designing a national team football shirt is never easy. It has to encapsulate some of the country’s values, symbols, etc, whilst respecting FIFA’s kit regulations, implemeting the brand newest technology and marketing direction. Rojito, a graphic designer redesigned the 32 World Cup teams jerseys. Although it’s all subjective, some shirts are well done! Have a look.
My favourites? Spain and Japan!

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WCjlgkg - Imgur

Ut9fG4T - Imgur

U1lbyi2 - Imgur

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t4z21va - Imgur

S7YHQNn - Imgur

rdbXLqs - Imgur

QkZQxWq - Imgur

prPiVHI - Imgur

PopGiEJ - Imgur

OhaUcrR - Imgur

OfRGuXV - Imgur

LSx4HdD - Imgur

L59zgQS - Imgur

L1ifrsV - Imgur

Ke1ZiWp - Imgur

JyOoonU - Imgur

It9ciP8 - Imgur

iHDxbOW - Imgur

FWgIkBl - Imgur

ekoLRQ6 - Imgur

E13VXZz - Imgur

dzaIzRR - Imgur

BORrZCG - Imgur

B8Omek7 - Imgur

AX6Dnpg - Imgur

aeUsefY - Imgur

9j0rGwl - Imgur

6YxI3aM - Imgur

So which one is your favourite? Share your thoughts!

Karl Lusbec


2 thoughts on “World Cup 2014 Federation Jerseys Redesigned

  1. Hello Karl: This brother really does capture the essence of a national team kit. Each kit reveals a particular aspect of each nation’s culture and traditions through the design. They are pleasing to the eyes and educational.
    My favorite one is the Spaniards. It tells the story of Spain’s bull fighting tradition by incorporating the costume of the Matador into the design. From a marketing standpoint, I can see how sportswear companies would take this and run wild with it. Hope all is well. Thank you.



  2. Hi FABO, long time I have not seen you around! You are entirely right, Rojito captured many cultural elements and translated them smartly on the kits. Educational is the word. Glancing at some kits, especially the FEF one, they instantly reveal the country’s essence and culture.
    Some kits would face issues from FIFA kits regulations though ie Argentina, Holland or Costa Rica (lack of clearance on back and front for name and number) but overall, I am pleasantly surprised with the work.
    Keep in touch!


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