How Antonio Zea and the adidas Innovation Team Get Ready for World Cup

Antonio Zea adidas innovation team

Hi guys,
I often outline on this blog the importance of technology and performance in football. Adidas has a one of a kind innovation center where the top notch technologies are shaped up and tested. Antonio Zea, the Innovation Director for Football for adidas is our guide.

The adidas innovation center, a top secret place at the adidas headquarters, where not even all adidas employees get access to. That’s where the latest technology in football -and in other sports- are created, tested and approved.

Antonio, is responsible for determining where football is going and what type of innovation the sport needs. In short: he explains what innovation in the sports industry is all about and how his team looks 3 to 5 years ahead in football; daily business for adidas but unprecedented insights for football fans.

It shows that the sports business comes in many faces and variety. A lot of action takes place behind the scenes and goes unnoticed by the public. adidas opens its doors and lets you have a peak at all the various workflows behind the sports industry. 

Take a look:

Karl Lusbec