One World One Game: When Coca-Cola Gets Ballsy

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Coca-Cola, a FIFA World Cup partner launched its marketing campaign centered around football as a driving force for good and peace. The stories portray the life in Japan, Eastern Europe, the Amazon and Ramallah where life is a daily struggle.

That ad is supported by a range of other content, including documentary-style short films themed Where Will Happiness Strike Next, with subjects ranging from a blind team in Brazil to a group of grandmothers in South Africa, as well as an original musical anthem and a FIFA World Cup Trophy tour.

Joseph Tripodi, evp and chief marketing and commercial officer for Coca-Cola, said in a statement: ‘Just as Brasil is everyone’s country and Coca-Cola is everyone’s drink, the FIFA World Cup is everyone’s cup. Through ‘The World’s Cup,’ Coca-Cola wants to celebrate real people playing football, demonstrating how the game is a force for a more inclusive and connected world.’

It’s actually a deep, meaningful campaign, outlining how powerful and life saving football can be. We are far from the typical ad featuring singers promoting their new song, or the common usage of stereotypes in a given country or part of the world.

Do people suffer in Ramallah- Palestine? Yes. Is football giving them hope and happiness? Yes. Are there communities along the Amazon river forgotten by the world who suffer from the rainforest deforestation and pollution? Yes. Yet, do they take joy playing football on a rocky riverbench? Yes.  

This angle is bold, daring, ballsy (most likely the same meaning), but I am glad to see that finally, a humongus corporation such as Coca-Cola is taking a tone that is border line political.

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Karl Lusbec



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