The 2014 Castrol Campaign; How to Combine Sports Perfectly

Block v Neymar

Hi everyone,
I often have discussions with clients or fellow sports marketers about mixing sports for marketing/advertising purposes. I believe that any sport can be combined as long as 3 components are included: A story, great fun and fan engagement. The new Castrol campaign with Neymar and Ken Block is the perfect example.

Who said that football and Rally are not compatible? Castrol proves that by adding the right ingredients, we have a fun story fans can respond to.

The story is very simple. A competition between Neymar and Ken Block, two superstars in their respective sport. The fun part is obviously seeing this amazing rally driver drifting and making donuts at high speed 1 meter away from one of the best (and marketable) player in the world.

Ken Block scoring goals kicking footballs with his car while drifting is also fun to watch, and Neymar responding with his unique football skills is impressive too. Castrol added a spin to the whole thing by featuring street footballers playing along.

Footkhana is the name of the campaign where fans will respond by supporting either the Brazilian or the Rally driver.

A perfect example of mixing two sports that are completely different from one another and getting to a fun, entertaining outcome. Take a look.

Karl Lusbec

Cafu Neymar Footkhana-Neymar-Jr-vs-Ken-Block-2 Ken Block v Neymar Neymar v Block