Racism in Football: We are all Monkeys

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The yesterday Villareal v FC Barcelona game was intense, but  stained (again) by racism. Dani Alves got a banana thrown at him. Here we go again.

A few days ago I was pointing out the drastic measures CBF (Brazilian Football League) took against clubs with racists fans bahavious. It went from heavy fines to club relegation.

Yesterday, Dani Alves got a banana thrown at him. His response? He ate a chunk of it, and said after the game: 
“I don’t know who threw the banana but, I would like to thank him. It gave me energy to give 2 more crosses that ended up in a goal”

Superb, fantastic response from the Brazilian defender. But what measures will be taken by La Liga or Villareal executives? Will we see (again) a “let’s forget about it and shake hands” idiotic approach?

Neymar, in support of his fellow team mate posted a photo on his Instagram account saying: “#We are all monkeys”.

Anyone who knows the behind the scenes of a football game will tell you that it is incredibly easy to spot a fan with an inappropriate behaviour, apprehend him (or her) and take legal actions. With more than 20 cameras at each La Liga game with incredible zooming devices, you can almost see a fan’s eyeball…

In a few months, the Financial Fair Play will kick in with a list of sanctions against clubs which are not respecting UEFA’s financial rules. I wish there was as much dedication, actions and sanctions against racism, homophobia and antisemitism in football or are we all monkeys?

[Edit] FC Barcelona released the following statement

FC Barcelona would like to underline the civil, cultural, social and sporting importance of two messages which UEFA remind us of before every game: Respect and No to Racism.

FC Barcelona wishes to express its complete support and solidarity with our first team player Dani Alves, following the insults he was subject to from a section of the crowd at El Madrigal on Sunday during the game against Villarreal. FC Barcelona accepts that the perpetrators of these insults are in no way connected to Villarreal and we value very positively the support the club offered to our player.

The club’s immediate condemnation of the incidents is a step in the right direction to firstly isolate and then eradicate completely from the sporting arena this kind of behaviour.

FC Barcelona reiterates its support for UEFA’s message of Respect and No to Racism and urges all clubs to continue fighting against the blight on the game which any kind of aggression against a sportsperson on the basis of their race represents.

Karl Lusbec


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