Nike “Winner Stays” Campaign: Another “Write the Future”?


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Nike launched the second part of its ‘Risk Everything’ Football campaign for 2014 with a film called “Winner Stays.” While Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar Jr. and Wayne Rooney are back, they are now joined by a host of other football superstars and a few special guests.

How to feature all your stars in one ad without making it look odd, childish and lacking content? “Winner Stays” does it very pretty well.

Created by Wieden+Kennedy, “Winner Stays” puts forward strong Nike values: Be a heroe, passion for the game, fun football, challenge your opponent and ultimately take risks.

This is the second chapter of the “Risk Everything” campaign Nike gearing to the World Cup in Brazil. Nike, not being a FIFA sponsor nor partner cannot communicate with FIFA World Cup marks. However, Nike has shown that inspirational fun football campaign give them as much -may be even more- exposure than World Cup sponsors.

Back in 2010,  a survey by The Nielsen Company showed that before World Cup starts, Nike was more frequently linked to the World Cup than any of the tournament’s official partners and sponsors.

The survey analyzed online blogs, social networking platforms and came to the conclusion that the Swoosh was fully part of the FIFA World Cup landscape, and engraved in consumer’s minds. 

The World Cup campaign “Write the Future” gave Nike an unprecedented global exposure. 

In Brazil, the marketing war will reach a level never seen before. With 10 Nike teams qualified (1st time ever that Nike has more teams than its competitor) along with one-of-a-kind fan engagement and other marketing stunts, Nike will seriously get attention on site and online. 

Will the new Nike campaign be as impactful as the 2010 “Write the Future campaign? It has the potential, although I am sure there is more to come.

Karl Lusbec

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