Manchester United and adidas: A World Record £60m a Year Kit Deal?

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According to the Daily Mail, adidas is close to sign Manchester United. The 3-stripes are in pole position to clinch a world record kit deal with the Red Devils.

Senior insiders at the German sportswear giant believe a £60million-a-year deal has all but been agreed, even though current sponsors Nike retain the right to match any offer and extend a partnership that dates back to 2002 with United.

That, however, is thought to be unlikely when Nike are sure to question whether it is worth more than doubling their original £300m 10-year deal – which expires in June 2015 – when the 2013 champions are going through this difficult period of transition.

According to the Daily Mail, United officials met adidas executives in Germany after their recent Champions League encounter against Bayern Munich and senior figures from the sportswear brand have been attending recent matches at Old Trafford. 

Negotiations with Nike have been going on for the last three years, but when their exclusive negotiating period expired last fall that opened the door for companies like adidas and Warrior.

It is adidas who are now prepared to sign off the biggest football club kit deal in history in the belief that United’s global appeal remains undamaged by a disastrous domestic season that culminated in the dismissal of manager David Moyes. 

The club’s commercial director Richard Arnold know they need to sign off the next kit deal as soon as possible too, simply because the sheer demand for United merchandise means production needs to begin sooner rather than later.

A deal with adidas would still give United the freedom to create a separate fashion brand, with Japanese company Uniqlo thought to be close to completing their own deal. [Source: The Daily Mail]

So far, Puma owns the record kit deal with Arsenal. Partnering with Manchester United is going to be a major move from adidas. The 3-Stripes lost Liverpool 2 years ago although they reinforced their partnership with Chelsea. However, adidas needs another heavyweight club in the Premier League, and Manchester United will cut it just fine.

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4 thoughts on “Manchester United and adidas: A World Record £60m a Year Kit Deal?

    Sebastiano Mereu said:
    May 8, 2014 at 11:36 am

    Thanks for hinting to this. I am very surprised, because this past march the Daily Mirror reported that Manchester United sealed a £600m sponsorship deal with Nike. I guess we won’t know until ManU makes it official. See here:


    Karl Lusbec responded:
    May 9, 2014 at 1:32 pm

    Hi Sebastiano, to my knowledge, discussions have been going on for some time. Manchester United is attractive at many levels to both brands, and yes, we won’t know for sure until it’s official. Welcome here, and nice avatar picture! 🙂


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