Coca-Cola Fair Play Machines: The Inter & AC Milan “Peacemakers”

Coca Cola fair play machines 2014

Hi everyone,
Call me naive but I do believe that football can contribute to social change and make the world a better place. On that matter, Coca-Cola is showing that the fiercest football rivalries can end up with smiles, tolerance and respect.

Coca-Cola brought together Inter Milan and AC Milan fans during the super hot Milan derby and made them give each other sodas.

“Fair Play Machines,” were setup at opposite ends of San Siro Stadium while Inter Milan and A.C. Milan were facing off there. Fans of each team could hit a button to serve a Coke to an opposing fan at the other machine—effectively forcing opponents to do something nice for one another.

The clip is full of the happy vibes to be expected from Coke ads, and a nice nod to good sportsmanship—in a league where the Milan rivalry can end in tragedy.

In a world where football is (too) often linked to violence, racism and corruption, it’s refreshing to see Coca-Cola taking the angle of sportmanship, tolerance and respect.

In their recent One World One Game” campaign Coke addressed contemporary issues and outlined how football is the common denominator to contribute to positive social change.

The Fair Play Machines are “peacemakers” in an ongoing feud between two clubs. The approach is smart, innovative, responds brightly to a delicate issue and the outcome is phenomenal. Take a look.

Karl Lusbec