Great Social Media in the Premier League Review

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There are a lot of social media reports on football out there. One which I find interesting, insightful accurate and extremely well done is the one of Matthew Carlton Founder & Lead Analyst at Accepted Socially. Have a look and enjoy!

Since sporting teams started taking social media seriously, realising it’s a great way to convey news and offer fans that can’t get to games a taste of the clubs they love, there’s been plenty written about which team has the most likes, or who is top of the table when it comes to followers.

• With a couple of notable exceptions, most of the clubs do a fine job on Twitter and Facebook, using these channels to regularly convey the latest club news and information on players.

The clubs that stand out are those that use Twitter in particular to engage with fans by encouraging responses, entering into dialogue with them (when appropriate) and not simply pushing out messages in a news feed style.

• The most successful clubs on social media are those, in our opinion, who are creative with their content (and all clubs have material that fans appreciate) and who enable fans to shape content and initiatives.

These are areas where clubs like Manchester City and Everton excel.

• While clubs obviously use social media to draw fans onto their own official websites, it’s interesting to see some creating amalgamated social feeds housed within their websites. Southampton, Liverpool, Crystal Palace and Swansea have all set up microsites which integrate the output from their social media channels.

Find the complete report here

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2 thoughts on “Great Social Media in the Premier League Review

  1. Thanks for sharing this! That is a very good report. I especially like the 4 key indicators they chose. I might try to apply it for the Swiss Super League or Serie A now.


  2. Hi Sebastiano,
    Great you like the report. I think it’s the best social media report about the EPL out there. Keep me posted on your work on the Swiss League or Serie A.


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