adidas Unveils World Cup 2014 Official Campaign

adidas all in messi

Hi everyone,
adidas launched its official #all in or nothing campaign for World Cup 2014.  An ad that features Lionel Messi experience a World Cup dream. 

Interestingly enough, adidas’ new World Cup ad is very similar to Nike’s risk everything campaign. Both campaigns outlines the extreme pressures players are going through, and the strong drive and committment required.

Although the Nike ad features humour and fun, -especially when the Hulk shows up- the adidas one is serious, edgy and tense. Two different approaches with, at the end of the day, a very similar message. 

From a marketing perspective, it will be interesting to see which of those two sports giants will “win” the marketing war in Brazil. The 3-stripes do have a strong advantage by being a FIFA official partner.

Nike on the other hand has shown that not being associated to the event is not a big deal, on the contrary.

Karl Lusbec


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