World Cup 2014 Kits Overview Group A

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The 2014 World Cup is a few days away and adidas, Nike, Puma and other kits manufacturers have secured sponsorship deals with the 32 participating teams. Let’s review all World Cup teams kits, starting with Group A with Brasil, Croatia, Mexico and Cameroon.


Downtown Florianopolis

Brazil Home Kit

Brazil 2014 World Cup Home Kit (3)

Brazil 2014 World Cup Home Kit






The home kit comes with the traditional colors of Brazil, with the main color yellow and green applications. Inside the collar the new Brazil Home Kit comes with an ‘Canarinho’, the nickname of the Brazil National Team when playing in their yellow shirts, graphic inside the collar.

The Brazilian crest on the new Brazil 2014 Home Kit was redesigned, with a small golden outline added and the ‘Brasil’ text below it being removed compared to earlier Brazil kits.

Brazil Away Kit

Brazil 2014 World Cup Away KitBrazil 2014 World Cup Away Kit (2)

The Brazil 2014 Away Shirt is blue and has a blue v-collar. The new Away Kit features gradient hoops in a lighter blue tone inspired by the energy and movement of Brazil people, as well as ocean and Brazil’s surf culture.

The inside of the collar features a graphic showing the Southern Cross, which is on the nation’s flag. These stars shined over Rio de Janeiro when the Brasilian republic was proclaimed in 1889. The shorts of the Brasil 2014 Away Kit are white, while the socks are blue.

Brazil 2014 World Cup Home Kit back

The numbers were also updated after Brazil had been using the same type since 2008. The new Brazil 2014 Kit numbers feature a design inspired by classic fonts used for street posters in Brazil. They also feature a fluorescent outline to improve visibility.

Brazil Goalkeeper Kit


Brazil 2014 Goalkeeper Home Kit  Brazil 2014 Goalkeeper Kit2

The new Brazil 2014 Goalkeeper Kits are available in two different colors, green and grey.


Croatia 2014 Home and Away Kits

Croatia Home Kit

Croatia 2014 World Cup Home Kit (1) Croatia 2014 World Cup Home Kit (2)

The Croatia 2014 Home Kit features a red/white-checkered look which is not continued on the sleeves and upper backside. The sleeve cuffs of the Croatia 2014 Home Shirt are white while it has a red v-collar.

The Croatia 2014 Home Kit has a slightly redesign HNS badge with the inner blue part now being divisted into a light and a dark blue part. The chest number is placed inside a white square, which is not present on the Croatia 2014 Home Shirt replica version.

An inscription on the inside of the collar reads ‘Budi ponosan’ which is Croatian for ‘Be proud’. The Croatia 2014 Home Kit shorts and socks will be white or blue depending on the opponent.

Croatia Away Kit

The new Croatia 2014 World Cup Away Shirt is mainly blue with a simple red collar and a white Nike Swoosh. On the sleeves of the new Croatia 2014 Away Kit features a stripe which comes with the remarking red/white-checkered design. The stripe is continued on the shirt. The back of the new Croatia 2014 World Cup Away Kit is plain blue.

The shorts and the socks of the new Croatia 2014 World Cup Away Kit are blue.

MEXICO (adidas)


Mexico Home Kit

The new Mexico 2014 World Cup Home Jersey comes with a two tone green base and features an impressive front graphic representing the Mexican power. The Mexico badge is placed on the middle of the shirt as well as the adidas logo.

On the back of the Mexico 2014 World cup Kit features the lettering MÈXICO. The new Mexico 2014 Kit features the Adizero technology to offer the lightest kit.

Mexico Away Kit

Unlike the new home the Mexico 2014 World Cup Away Shirt is mainly red with black applications. The new Mexico 2013-2014 Away Shirt comes in the complete new red color with black adidas stripes and black applications.


On the front features a special Mexican power patttern, similar to the home kit. The short of the new Mexico 2014 World Cup Away Kit is black.




Puma is well known for their excellent and unique kits that they are creating for the African National teams. Especially the Cameroon Shirts are always on top with their unique and African culture inspired design. The new Cameroon 2014 World Cup Kits are no exclusion to that rule.

The new Cameroon 2014 World Cup Home Jersey features an unique pattern on the front of the kit showing Cave paintings. The Puma logo is placed in the centre of the shirt, while on the sleeve cuffs feature an unique cave paintings design.

Cameroon Away Kit


The new Cameroon 2014 Away Kit features the same design as the home shirt with yellow as main color and red applications. The pattern is not as visible as on the home kit, but also lets the kit look great. [Source: Footy Headlines]

Tomorrow, Group B!

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