adidas Continues the Exclusive World Cup Final Matchball Tradition

Hi everyone,Brazuca final
adidas unveiled the brazuca Final Rio Official Match Ball, the official match ball for the Final of the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil. The ball will be an integral part of the Final on 13th.

I often point out the importance and impact of a competition official matchball. When Nike is the official matchball supplier of the Barclays Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, adidas on the other hand has the upper hand on FIFA competitions. Since 1970, the 3-stripes are the official matchball supplier of the FIFA World Cup.

Since 2006, adidas launched a “tradition” to issue a new matchball exclusively for the World Cup final. In 2010, the Jo’Bulani, the World Cup final matchball was even sold to auction for $73,769.

Brazuca final2

Brazuca final

Brazuca final 4

Brazuca final 3

The design of brazuca Final Rio has been inspired by the green and gold on the FIFA World Cup trophy and is a variation of the previously released adidas brazuca Official Match Ball which was launched back in December last year.

A new trend launched by adidas which is a smart and compelling way to fully leverage their marketing rights.

Karl Lusbec