Your Assets are Missing the World Cup? No Big Deal For Nike and EA Sports

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Sports marketing is unpredictable. A brand may partner with the best football team or athlete, there is no guarantee that this team or athlete will attend the World Cup. So, how do you communicate around your asset, maximise on brand exposure when your asset is not present at the biggest event in the world? EA and Nike show us how.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic, one of Nike’s most prominent player is missing the World Cup in Brazil. Does that mean communication and marketing are off limits? Not at all.

Following the launch of ‘The Last Game’, the animated film that currently has over 140m views across Nike Football’s digital platforms, the campaign has now been extended with a series of animations featuring Swedish striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s character and others from the film.

The innovative social media campaign began with the animated ‘Zlatan’ issuing a rallying call to the internet to #AskZlatan.

Over the course of the following days ‘Zlatan’ has been hand picking questions from the followers of @NikeFootball and a few old friends, including Italy legend Fabio Cannavaro, and answering them in person through short films. [Source:]

As usual, Nike made it fun, bold and incredibly entertaining. Sticking to Zlatan’s self boasting image and over confident attitude, the short films keep football fans linked to Zlatan, and give the Swedish striker a presence at World Cup.

EA Sports took a similar path. To promote the EA World Cup video game, Landon Donovan gives a funny response for being snubed by coach Jurgen. The ad shows what Landon is up to during his free time, and although not physically in Brazil, he is always in the game by playing with his own character…..and winning the World Cup! Fictional?

Two interesting examples about maximising your asset whilst not attending the event the sponsor was banking on. 

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