Brands React to Suarez’s Best Bite of the Year


Hi everyone,
He did it again. Yesterday Suarez chomped Chiellini’s shoulder and the web went crazy. On a marketing standpoint, many brands took this moronic move from the Uruguayan as a fantastic opportunity to engage with fans and also, be part of the fun bandwagon.

In our fast paced marketing world, every single event is an opportunity for brands to communicate and engage fans, to position themselves smartly and “act cool”. 

The Suarez bite yesterday was more than an event. It was something in between marketing thermonuclear and idiotically funny. The bottom line is, brands saw this as an opportunity to comment. 

If I were working for a toothpaste brand or chew dog products company, I would look into investing serious money to have Suarez as my brand ambassador. Better yet, could the producers of the Twilight saga consider a new movie starring Suarez rather than boring Pattinson? Just kidding, have a look:




suarez bite 2

suarez bite

Karl Lusbec

2 thoughts on “Brands React to Suarez’s Best Bite of the Year

  1. Karl, excellent piece, yet again.
    Yep, brand war rooms sit waiting to pounce on these opportunities as many brands change their comms mix away from ‘paid media’ to owned & earned media. I wonder what the actual breakdown in the comms mix is for these brands?


  2. Thanks Paul,
    The quick turnaround for a brand is key when such event happens. I wonder which brand will take it to the next level and utilize Suarez’s bite to promote a product, a service or what not. A new Twilight movie is a bit over the top, but to me, reacting to what Suarez did is good, taking it to the next level is even better.
    Procter & Gamble to promote some toothpaste could be interesting? 🙂


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