How Do You Save Private Luis?

Hey guys,Luis Suarez advert
Since Tuesday, Suarez biting incident has taken the whole internet bandwidth where everybody – except for the Uruguayan press, politics and media – is appalled by the striker’s behaviour. Although Suarez’ sponsors and club do not condone the incident, how can private Luis be saved?

Suarez has been bitten -or hit- by FIFA with a 9 game ban, a four month removal from all football related activity and a £65,000 fine. World Cup official and non official sponsors reacted instantly to the incident with funny or super funny Tweets. The funniest to me is what Subbuteo came up with. Check it out here. Thanks @fionagreen66 for sharing!

Now, let me say this. What Suarez did was idiotic at best, and as much as I enjoy watching his football skills, Suarez deserves his punishment.

When an incident of this magnitude happens, sponsors need to react quickly. Suarez’ sponsor adidas did.

World Cup partner adidas has pulled all Fifa World Cup advertising featuring Luis Suarez and set for talks at the highest level with the player and his representatives at the end of the tournament. 

A statement on Thursday read: “adidas fully supports FIFA’s decision. Adidas certainly does not condone Luis Suarez’s recent behaviour and we will again be reminding him of the high standards we expect from our players.

We have no plan to use Suarez for any additional marketing activities during the 2014 FIFA World Cup. We will discuss all aspects of our future partnership directly with Suarez and his team following the World Cup.”

Betting firm 888 Poker warned on Wednesday that they were seriously reviewing their relationship with Suarez

Now, for a sponsor the question is: “How do you save private Luis?” provided he can be saved…

What are the facts?
– He will miss the first 3 Champions League games (prize money at stake if LFC doesn’t make it to the round of 16)
– Back to play in the Premier League in October
– His commercial value under threat (Salary: $11 million, endorsement: $4 million)
– Transfer to another club in geopardy

Will/should/can adidas think of a Suarez re-launch? Although the high standards adidas expect from their players, can they afford a “bad boy” in their portfolio?

Something interesting happened though. Adidas had placed a Suarez advert at Copacabana beach. It’s not been put down yet. This ad turned out to be one of the most tourist attraction where thousands of people have been taking shots, selfies in front of a Suarez picture. 

Luis Suarez advert

Luis Suarez advert

Luis Suarez advert

Luis Suarez advert

Luis Suarez advert

Luis Suarez advert

Luis Suarez advert

Luis Suarez advert

Although Liverpool did fully support Suarez after he munched on Ivanovic’s arm, is it an(other) opportunity for LFC to stick to their famous “You’ll never walk alone” brand statement and help Suarez? 

So, how do you save private Luis? Can he be saved? Does he deserve redemption?
What are your thoughts?

Karl Lusbec

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  1. Hi Paul,
    Schumacher’s assault was indeed awful and it’s still a scar in french football as a whole. Who knows, pay back time during a France v Germany in the 1/4 finals?


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