adidas Unveiled the 2014-2015 Champions League Matchball

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adidas unveiled the Official Match Ball of the UEFA Champions League 2014/2015. The adidas Finale 14 was officially revealed as the ball to be used on-pitch throughout the Group Stages of the most important club football competition in Europe.

With the design of this season´s ball adidas is once again pushing boundaries: it is the first ever in UEFA Champions League history to clearly distinguish between the left and right sides.

While the overall design continues to be uniform, the dual approach represents the rivalries between the competing teams in this year’s tournament, with coloured panels facing off in explosions of solar red and solar gold coloured shapes with a black background. The design of the ball highlights the moment of impact between two teams when meeting each other on the pitch. [Source:]

adidas champions league 14-15 ballSimilar to the Brazuca Ball, the new adidas Finale 14 matchball features a thermally bonded, seamless surface made for precise passes, shots and cuts. The 2015 Champions League final will take place in the Olympiastadion Berlin.

Adidas-Finale-14-15-Ball (3)  Adidas-Finale-14-15-Ball (2)

Karl Lusbec