Paris St Germain Agree on Aspetar Sponsorship

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Paris Saint-Germain extend their partnerships with Qatar based companies. The French Champions inked a sponsorship deal with Qatari orthopaedic and sports medicine hospital, Aspetar.

The deal will run for three years and will be worth an estimated €8 million a year. The agreement is expected to include a medical collaboration between PSG and the Doha-based hospital.

The two parties already have a mutual connection through Aspetar’s acting chief medical officer and executive director of the national sports medicine programme, Dr Hakim Chalabi, who also used to serve as the French club’s doctor.

Dr. Hakim Chalabi completed his medical training at the University Hospital Cochin in Paris in 1993 before specialising as a Sports Medicine Physician. Dr. Chalabi has a wealth of experience of more than 20 years in multiple International Sport events at the highest level and premiership games. 

Aside from his positions at Aspetar Qatar Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Hospital, Dr. Chalabi has also served as Chief Medical Officer for the Algerian National Team at the FIFA 2010 World Cup in South Africa .

Not only does he play an important role in improving the medical care and prevention of injuries in athletes, he has been actively involved in research and education throughout his career. [Source:]

Karl Lusbec