DC Comics Bat an Eyelid at Valencia CF Logo

batman valencia

Hi everyone,
DC Comics, the creators of the caped Dark Night, have sued La Liga club Valencia CF over the team’s latest variation of their logo. 

According to Spanish newspaper Plaza Deportiva, DC Comics has reportedly filed a complaint with the OHIC, the European Union’s trademark registration organization, over the new design.

The company claims that Valencia’s latest variation on the Spanish football club’s logo, which shows the bat’s wings upwardly outstretched, is awfully similar to the infamous Batman call sign.

For context, the image of the bat has been used by Valencia in their club logo since 1919 and the team’s primary logo shows the bat with its wings pointing downward.


That’s two decades before Batman was created!

And since The Dark Knight’s creation in 1939, Batman has had his own variations on the bat theme.


I am no lawyer, but given that a bat has been extensively used in Spanish heraldry for centuries, and that Valencia have used bats in their club logos 20 years before Batman was not even at an embryonic stage, I am pretty sure that a non-superpower lawyer can eat this case for breakfast.

Oh yeah, Bacardi, the Austin Ice Bats or the Louisville Bats must be wondering whether they will be next! 

Have a great week end folks!

Karl Lusbec