VISA and Coca-Cola Want More Transparency from FIFA

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Visa has claimed more transparency from FIFA if it wants to restore public trust after the head of the football body’s internal corruption investigation disavowed Michael Garcia’s report.

The statement came after former US attorney Michael Garcia who led the investigation into allegations surrounding the 2018 and 2022 World Cup bidding process called the final – and edited – report “incomplete and erroneous”.

Furthermore, Fifa refused to release the investigator’s findings to the public.

In response, Visa said on its Tumblr page: “We are troubled by the recent events surrounding Fifa. In our discussions we have clearly stated that greater transparency and more open, forthright communications is not only paramount, but the only way in which public trust in Fifa, and all that it represents, will be restored.

It is our expectation that Fifa will act accordingly and take swift action to resolve these issues in a manner that is meaningful and visible to all.” [Source: The Drum]

Tough week for the football governing body. Sony announced this week the end of its £178m sponsorship deal. Prior to the Japanese firm announcement, Emirates decided not to extend its sponsorship as a FIFA official partner.

Coca-Cola, another FIFA partner, claimed its disappointment at FIFA World Cup Report. 

In a statement reported on ITV News, a Coca-Cola spokesperson commented: “Anything that detracts from the mission and ideals of the Fifa World Cup is a concern to us. The current conflicting perspectives regarding the investigation are disappointing. Our expectation is that this will be resolved quickly in a transparent and efficient manner.” [Source: The Drum]

Although World Cup is the most lucrative sport event in the world, it seems that FIFA sponsors and partners are not keen on linking their image to that of FIFA in return for world cup profits. 

Karl Lusbec