Paris St Germain Sign First Regional Partner in Asia

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Paris St Germain have signed their first new regional partnership in Asia. Garudafood the Indonesia leading food and beverage company partners with the French champions.

As the club’s first regional partner in Asia, this represents a new stage of the international development of the Parisian Club.

The Asia Summer Tour, organised by Paris Saint-Germain last July allowed the club to get closer to its fans, increase its popularity and also reinforce the brand’s presence on the continent.

PSG Garudafood

This growing recognition, visible on Facebook where the number of Indonesian fans now equals the number of French fans, has enabled Paris Saint-Germain to sign their first Asian regional partnership, with GarudaFood Group.

The agreement was signed in front of a large crowd of media and the public, on 18 January 2015 in Jakarta, Indonesia, by Hartono Atmadja, Commissioner of GarudaFood Group and Mr Frédéric Longuépée, Paris Saint-Germain’s Deputy Managing Director,  Business Operations.

This partnership with GarudaFood Group is based on their new oxygenated water Super 02 Sportivo, the club’s ‘official water in Indonesia’. A television advertising campaign will shortly be launched in Indonesia with the slogan ‘super sport water’ featuring the Paris Saint-Germain players, to support the launch of Super 02 Sportivo, an oxygenated water which contains 120 ppm oxygen, the highest levels of oxygen for bottled drinking water

The signing of this agreement is in line with the series of events organised in Indonesia over the last two years by Paris Saint-Germain, to bring together and interact with the club’s fans in the country. The club already boasts more than two million fans on Facebook in Indonesia, with a growth of 160% in just one year, the majority of whom are men under the age of 24, and specially created a version of their official website in the Bahasa Indonesia language.

This gives the fans the opportunity to keep up to date with the latest news about the club on a daily basis, check out the player profiles and statistics as well as visit the club’s online store.

Indonesia’s passion for European football and its biggest clubs is highlighted by their growing attachment to Paris Saint-Germain and this new partnership.
The club has taken a new step forward in its project to become one of the biggest sporting brands in the world, and will continue to sign more regional partnerships in the coming months. [Source: PSG]

Repucom recently outlined the significant sports investments from the Middle East and Asian markets. Investments that are turning so called emerging markets into financial giants. 

Paris St Germain are fully engaging with their Asian fan based through regional sponsorship and made clear that Asia and the Middle East will be their key markets. 

Karl Lusbec