McDonald’s Continues to Tap into Grassroots Football

mcdonalds grassroots

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McDonald’s, in partnership with the four home nation football associations and their kit suppliers Nike and adidas, has launched of the second year of its Accredited Club Kit Scheme.

The initiative, which will run over four years, offers over 6,200 accredited grassroots football clubs across the UK the chance to redeem a free team kit every year for the next three seasons, with the potential for over 72,000 new football kits to be distributed in 2015.

Martin Keown, head of English football for McDonald’s, said: “We’ve gave out 50,000 shirts last year, it’s over 70,000 this year, which is fantastic. We went to a local club recently and you could see the players oozing with pride as they came out with the new kit.

“It offsets the price for parents, which is great, but when you see the look on their faces, feeling like they’re professional footballers, it’s incredible to see the impact a new kit can have.”

McDonald’s director of football, Sir Geoff Hurst, said: “The McDonald’s Accredited Club Kit Scheme offers grassroots clubs throughout the UK the opportunity to provide their teams with some of the best playing kit around. Last year, we were overwhelmed with the response that it received, over 90% of eligible clubs in the UK redeemed kit and this year we want to see that figure rise.

“Grassroots clubs invest an incredible amount of time to providing their local communities with footballing opportunities and it is so important that we support them in as many ways as possible to help them raise the standards of football that they offer.”

The McDonald’s Accredited Club Kit Scheme is part of McDonald’s 13 year community partnership with the four Home Nation Football Associations. The programme focuses on supporting accredited grassroots clubs to help raise the standards of grassroots football across the UK through better safety, better advice, better coaching for better coaches, better kit, better support and better recognition for volunteers. [Source: Sport Industry Biz]

McDonald’s continues to associate its brand to global football. Still part of the FIFA roster partner portfolio, the fast food brand has made grassroots football its home turf. 

Karl Lusbec