Welcome to Football Marketing XI

Hi everyone, Football XI
I recently hit the 1000 articles mark and decided to give my blog a fresh new look with more features to come.

When I started blogging, I had no specific expectations but I knew I wanted to share my football marketing views, ideas, experience of the football industry, an industry I have a passion for. 

Writing in english was a natural thought process. Although english is not my native language, no big deal, I took a deep dive and went for it. A thousand articles, more than 900 subscribers, and an average of  300 unique visitors a day later, the blog is still there going strong. Most importantly, I met great people, fantastic marketers along the way, some of them even became friends. 

It’s time for a new look, a new name and new features. 
I chose Football Marketing XI (eleven) for simplicity and impact. A few tweaks are still needed and I will implement them as I go on.

On that new journey, I will keep on writing about my favourite topic; adidas, Nike, Puma, sponsorship activations, new partnership deals etc… but I will also give a stronger focus on new football markets: Asia, the Middle-East, India to name a few. Also, a friend with an extensive marketing knowledge of the MLS will join the team. I will introduce him to you guys very soon.

More interviews of football marketing executives will share their views of the football marketing world and how it’s shaped. 

Enjoy Football Marketing XI, share your thoughts and contact me on Twitter (@karllusbec), on Linkedin, Facebook or drop me a note.

Welcome to Football Marketing XI!