FIFA Sponsors Welcome Blatter’s Resignation but Remain Cautious

blatter resigns

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FIFA’s biggest sponsors have breathed a sigh of relief after president, Sepp Blatter, announced his resignation in the wake of a corruption investigation that shook the world of sports.

Many FIFA sponsors acknowledged Blatter’s surprise announcement on Tuesday that he would no longer hold the reins of the world’s most popular sport, but their statements have not been filled with extreme joy or over excitement.

That said, many of the statements drafted after Blatter’s hastily organized press conference, during which he announced that he would be stepping down, very closely mirrored one another in their careful wording, ambiguity and cautious optimism.

Coca-Cola called his decision “a positive step for the good of sport, football and its fans.” 

Visa, which last week threatened to exit its sponsorship if the FIFA scandals failed to abate, said Blatter’s departure was “a significant first step towards rebuilding public trust.”

Adidas that has one of the longest standing associations with FIFA, said it supported the soccer body’s “commitment to change.”

“Today’s news marks a step in the right direction on FIFA’s path to establish and follow transparent compliance standards in everything they do,” adidas said.

A number of FIFA sponsors have in past years lamented allegations of mismanagement and bribery levied against the organization, which McDonald’s on Tuesday said had “overshadowed the game and taken away from the sport, players and fans.”

The fast food giant said it hoped a reshuffling at FIFA’s helm would “be a big first step in positively reforming the organization and gaining back trust from fans worldwide.” [Source:]

FIFA sponsors welcome Sepp Blatter’s resignation, but remain cautious. They have not expressed any overjoy or blatant delight for many reasons. Blatter’s exit will not be effective before March 2016, and it takes more than Blatter’s resignation to make things right.

FIFA as an organisation needs major changes, re-establish trust and confidence in order for sponsors to knock back on the door. 

Karl Lusbec