Nike Unveils Europe Top League Footballs

Hi everyone,
Nike revealed the new Ordem 3 ball which will be used in all Premier League matches next season – featuring red panels with a fluorescent tick. The ordem will be played on La Liga, Barclays Premier League and Serie A pitches.

Nike’s press release described the ball as “updated and improved…the design of which draws on 15 years’ experience of providing advanced, innovative footballs for top-tier leagues.”

EPL  tim  la liga

The bright colouring is explained by Nike as follows: “The distinctive, bold Visual Power Graphic that is printed across the Ordem 3’s 12 panels helps players catch sight of the ball quicker, facilitating rapid decision-making, instant reactions and, ultimately, enhanced performance.”

What’s important here is the brand presence in 3 major european football league Nike is sure to strengthen. With a complete new design and top technology, a league matchball is a unique marketing tool.

Karl Lusbec