Arrogant Players. Vietnamese Fan Burns 10 Tickets to Manchester City Friendly

manchester city vietnam

Hi everyone,
A reaction over the top? Not sure. A Vietnamese fan, disappointed in Manchester City players attitude, burnt 10 tickets for the Citizens friendly game. All he asked was from the City players to say “hi”.

Having been in football all my life, I still cannot understand players’ attitude towards fans. It outlines not only a lack of consideration for those who cherish the club they play for, but also a blatant lack of education and manners that dents a club’s image.

From what I understand, a Vietnamese fan queued up for more than 12 hours to buy tickets for the Manchester City friendly game. He went to see his “heroes” in the hotel, but was snubbed majorly by players AND by the head coach. All he asked was a “hi”, a “good morning”, a few words from them. All he got in return was arrogance and disdain.

Angry at this attitude, he decided to burn the tickets he bought and post the videos on YouTube.

I don’t get it. Summer tours have obviously a strong commercial reach, but also a fantastic opportunity to engage with fans and to promote a club’s brand image. Premier League is growing in these markets, and simple interactions can lead to a positive outcome. 

However, this (non existent) interaction could/will install a bad image reputation, especially in a market where respect and courtesy are extremely important. 

An attitude that could be irrevelant or harmless in western culture is of crucial importance in Asia, and it baffles me that players AND staff have not been briefed or trained accordingly. It’s not only go and play a few games in Asia sign a few autographs to promote your brand, it’s also understand the culture and act appropriately. Clearly, the club missed that part.

Is burning 10 tickets a bit over the top? Who am I to judge a football fan who feels insulted by the team he loves? All I can say is for some, respect and consideration are more important than watching arrogant players on the pitch, whoever they are.

Karl Lusbec