adidas Partners with Chinese Education Ministry

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Adidas has agreed a partnership with the Chinese education ministry to promote football in schools as part of a campaign to support the sport at the grassroots level. 

The 3-stripes said it had signed a three-year deal to develop a soccer program for 20,000 primary and middle schools, train 50,000 teachers and also support a national summer camp for more than 400 students in the nation.

Adidas is at a disadvantage to its larger rival in the country as soccer is far less popular there than basketball, which Nike dominates.

“The development of grassroots football is a key vehicle for adidas in empowering rising athletes, nurturing a next generation of football players and inspiring a new generation of football fans in China,” said adidas China head Colin Currie.

The popularity of football as a spectator sport in China is on the rise and China is keen to raise the standard of play among youngsters. 

Adidas launched a youth football tournament in four cities in China in January and it has supported a school grass-roots program since 2009, while also backing 40 amateur football leagues and training 500 Chinese professional coaches a year.

Adidas Chief Executive Herbert Hainer said that he did not expect an end to the firm’s growth in China despite the recent economic slowdown as more and more consumers there were getting interested in sport. 

China, one of the world’s fastest growing economy is also a key market for global football brands. With Nike sponsoring CSL (Chinese Soccer League), adidas taps into grassroots to create a strong connection between kids loving football and the brand.

Karl Lusbec