Bundesliga Fans and Clubs Take a Stand on Migrant Crisis

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While the world of football has been focusing on the transfer window and whether or not players are worth their transfer money, German football showed the world their position on dealing with human beings who flee their devastating countries.

Last week end, “Refugee Welcome” banners were shown across Bundesliga Stadiums. Some clubs even invited asylum seekers at their grounds. 


All of the banners around the grounds over the weekend were coordinated efforts as part of the same mass welcome.

refugees germany

Germany has so far taken in more refugees than any other country in Europe, and Chancellor Angela Merkel has been vocal about the need to treat all people arriving in the country as humanely as possible.


Schalke04 released this video featuring Asamoah and the club’s take on the crisis. Needless to say that these messages go against the established silence and pose the right questions.

What do you think? Should players, clubs, football fans take a stand and be more vocal about the crisis that is unfolding before our eyes?

Karl Lusbec