Goal Line Technology at EURO 2016? It’s About Time!

Hey everyone,Euro 2016 logo
UEFA is considering introducing the goal line technology for next summer’s Euro 2016. The Goal-line technology is already being considered in the Champions League and Europa League next season and was on the agenda in Friday’s UEFA Executive Committee meeting.

I’ve been working in football marketing for about 15 years. An amazing fast paced industry  where fantastic marketers are constantly bringing in new innovations, campaigns and development. It always baffles me how slow football governing bodies are to implement new ways to make football better.

Is it still a question as to whether or not the Goal Line Technology should be implemented for every single world scale tournament? Such a technology should have been in full swing years ago!

FIFA recently launched Goal Line Technology in its tournaments, but UEFA is dragging its feet. Why? Michel Platini is a big fan of adding referees rather than technology. Having a more human approach versus technology (robot?) one. Yes, such discussions are still happening in 2015…..The 5 referee approach is obviously not failure proof, and there are countless examples where wrong calls were made with 5 refs, leading to an unfair end result, and that is the problem.

The technology is available, marketable and will make the game more honest and decisions fully reliable. So why it hasn’t been made available for all official competitions is beyong my understanding.

UEFA general secretary Gianni Infantino said: “This (goal-line technology) has been on the table for some time. If it happens for Euro 2016 then it will also happen for the club competitions from next season, the Champions League and Europa League. This will be in addition to the five assistants. The final decision will be made in January but the executive committee was pretty positive in its mindset.”

Football is the sport that has received the least amount of technology to help officials. Looking at the NBA, NFL or NHL, it is accurate to say that football is light years behind these sports in terms of usage oftechnology and yet remains the global sport. Go figure!

Karl Lusbec