Can Top Clubs Create a Super League?

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The Bayern Munich president insists that top clubs from Europe’s elite divisions could unite to form a super league, comprising the likes of Barcelona, Real Madrid and Juventus.

Top elite clubs are getting more and more powerful and there are key questions to ask. Is the current UEFA Champions League format still adapted to global clubs in their ability to reach efficiently global markets?

Can top european clubs increase revenue with the current format of the Champions League? In other words, why would global clubs need the UEFA Champions League when they can compete against each other in markets such as Asia or the Middle East, generate more revenue and tap into a fast growing fan base?

Such a competition was previously put forward by the now-disbanded G14 group of Europe’s top clubs, and Rummenigge, chairman of its replacement the European Club Association, has raised the proposal once again.

The Bayern executive believes the growing superiority of a handful of sides in their respective countries means such a proposition is a distinct possibility in the future.

“You can’t rule out that, in the future, we could create a European league with the major clubs from Italy, Germany, England, Spain and France, under the umbrella of UEFA or a private organisation,” Rummenigge said.

“It would be a competition with 20 teams and perhaps we would play some matches in America and Asia. [Source: Goal]

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2 thoughts on “Can Top Clubs Create a Super League?

    1. Hi Rick,
      I think it will take time, and guts, but the current format of the Champions League does not allow them to tap fully into foreign audience and fans. Also, given the turmoil football governing bodies are going through at the moment, some top clubs have been vocals to take things in their own hands. This said, interesting times ahead. I hope all in well in NYC!


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