“Blah, Blah, Blah, a surprising adidas advert

Hi everyone,adidas blah blah blah
Adidas released this week its “Blah Blah Blah” advert. A surprising, yet refreshing ad from adidas that hits all the chatters (haters) around the game.

Adidas’ ads have not always been that bold it their execution. So the graphics, special effects, music are quite surprising for an adidas ad. The last year ad, “There will be haters” was already super bold, but this one reaches another level.

Now the 3-stripes takes a hit at all the blah blah blah ie useless talking around the game and features Paul Pogba, Mourinho, Bale, James Rodriguez, Manuel Neuer, Costa, Miralem Pjanic. Even adidas ambassador Zinedine Zidane appears.

The spot is the latest in adidas’ First Never Follows campaign and is a slick and entertaining romp. A cheeky tone, with a mix of animations, cartoons, special effects that does remind of some Nike commercials though. 

Stuart Harkness from agency 72andSunny Amsterdam created this ad and also Nike’s “write the future” spot. Nothing wrong with that, just worth noticing.

Karl Lusbec