About Me

Cut my arm, there will be football and only football coming out. Indeed, not only I am a former semi professional football player, I also combined my love of this sport with 11 solid marketing experience at adidas Headquarters, EA Sports, and now working as a Sports Marketing Director at KFL Marketing.

I want to give you a football marketing angle and how, why partnership deals are made. Why clubs and players are now brands, and how football marketing is essential to the development and a sustainable future in football. I will focus essentially on adidas, Nike and Puma -and also other football brands- in order to give you an understanding of the fantastic industry I work in.

Enjoy my Football Lounge!

37 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hy,

    Great website!!! I loved the video with puma!!! Also just an idea focus on advertisments and commments….
    It is good to see the term footbal used not soccer… the real footbal!

    Catalin Dobre
    Mba student JAmes Madison Univ.


  2. Hello, Karl
    Curious. Are you still employed by Adidas? If not, what do you currently do on a full-time basis? I came across your site while browsing on the web. Thanks for sharing your love with the rest of us. Kindly appreciated.



  3. Hello FABO,
    Welcome here. I am now self employed ie a Football marketing consultant. An activity that takes 90% of my time with World Cup around the corner, but I love it.


  4. How can I contact you Karl? I’m a sports journalist with Nigeria’s foremost sports daily Complete Sports.


  5. Hi Karl,

    U have a supa blog going on here. I’m looking to start a sport blog here in South Africa. So I’ll be tapping into your knowledge from time to time. I really love the football lounge.

    I picked up your blog from the Liverpool sponsorship deal news.


    Kabelo (KB)


  6. hello karl!!!! merci à betty qui nous a donné des news!! très sympa ton blog!! bises bises de lara et christophe!!


  7. I saw your blog and really enjoyed the content you had. My site, Fanthem.com, is looking for bloggers to be highlighted and was curious if you were interested. This is a way for you to get your blog more exposure and active users as well. Let me know if you are interested!


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