Nike Football Training Center Soweto

Nike Soweto football training centre
Hi guys,
As a former semi-pro football player, I do pay attention to brands or organizations that contribute to make football a better sport. 3 years ago, Nike launched the Nike Football Training Center Soweto that hosts more than 20,000 footballers each year. The intent of the project was to provide a lasting home for football in the dynamic community of Soweto that would continue on after the World Cup. Take a look.
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Bavaria Beer Maximises on World Cup 2010 Ambush Marketing Stunt

Hey folks,
One year after World Cup in South Africa, we won’t forget a couple of things. The ridiculous french team strike is one of them, but for football marketers, we will remember this ambush marketing stunt Bavaria Beer launched which triggered 36 hot girls being jailed. This said, maximising on an ambush marketing stunt is key. Bavaria shows us a cool “How to”.
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Chantal Jouanno, Tais Toi!!

Hi guys,
Football is the most popular sport, and therefore, everybody has an opinion and can speak his mind about a team’s performance. However, french politicians are going beyond expressing an opinion. Today, the sports minister Chantal Jouanno said: “Patrice Evra and Franck Ribery must never return to play for the french national team. We must not forget what happened in South Africa. These guys disrespected the values sport and of the french republic”. She missed an opportunity to……keep her mouth shut!
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2010 FIFA World Cup Benefits to be Distributed to Clubs

Hi everyone,
Barcelona topped a global league table of clubs receiving compensation from FIFA for letting their players go to the 2010 World Cup. Barcelona received $866,000 (£557,000) from a FIFA pool of $40 million (£25.3million) spread among 400 clubs in 55 countries, according to FIFA figures released.
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France Team Still in Post World Cup Turmoil

Hi all,
France left South Africa on June 22nd after hitting the press headlines, not for football performances, but for everything else but football: strike, coaches freaking out, players supposedly fighting etc… We thought the turmoil was over with Laurent Blanc appointing new players, new rules, and with a new President aboard. Unfortunatly a new event hit the news yesterday: The players attending (or witnessing as you want) the 2010 World Cup did not give up on their bonuses.
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The 2010 FIFA World Cup gave a boost to US audience

Hello everyone,
Just noticed I have not posted in 4 days! I was working on some amazing projects and met up with really interesting sports professionals. One of them being Paul Smith, a great guy, and I invite you to visit his website. World Cup is over and I am scanning the web (not easy) to find relevant datas to share with you guys. One of them is (again) a The Nielsen Company survey pointing out that the 2010 World Cup contributed to a 22% increase compared to the previous World Cup for US viewers.

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