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Hi everyone,
Below the football marketing website I check and recommend on a regular basis. Feel free to send me yours so I can add it to the list.

The UK Sports Network:
Daniel McLaren founded The UK Sports Network. He is a sports professional with over 8 years experience working in sports event management, sponsorship and social media.  This website was a natural progression from LinkedIn Group as an opportunity to add great content and offer more a different experience for people in the UK who are interested in sport. I am an author on UKSN and delighted with the content.

Partnership Activation:
Brian Gainor (@briangainor) is a passionate sports marketer with agency experience as well as an extensive background working in the NFL, NFL Europe, and collegiate athletics. Brian completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Florida and MBA/MSA graduate work at Ohio University (Athens, OH) and now resides with his wife, Laura, in Milwaukee, WI.

EU Football biz:
A good reference in football marketing. EU Football Biz regroups all EU clubs, and tackle a wide variety of football topics (sponsorship, TV rights, Social media, Technology etc…)

Sponsorship and Sports Marketing News and Jobs:
Blog created by Alex Pavlou (@AlexPavlou) with a strong sponsoship focus. Alex is a recruiter and sports consultant with a solid background in sports events and sponsorship.

The Sports Commentary:
Melinda Travis (@melinda_travis) and team are publishing great sports articles and are keeping a strong focus on what is happening in Football in Europe. She is a strategic force in the sports communications arena with experience on both sides of the media equation, as a public relations professional and sports journalist.  At Comment, she uses her depth of experience and expertise to develop sound strategy and top flight client services.

A must have website if you are a true sport marketer. Nothing more to add.

Xtreme Insight:
Xtreme Insight is a consultancy division of leading global media intelligence provider Xtreme Information and is committed to providing our clients with 360 degree bespoke and generic research across the marcoms space.
Xtreme publishes great football insights which are really worth every penny!

Nielsen Wire:
Fantastic football marketing content. I often refer to Nielsen in my articles as their marketing survey around football events are of great value.

The European Football governing body is a must read, not only for football results but also for marketing content. Valuable PDF documents are available online.

Football Marketing:
Great website gathering all football marketing articles from different sources. Good articles summary of what is going on in football marketing

IEG Sponsorship:
For 25 years, IEG has been helping sponsors, properties and their agencies in sports, arts, entertainment, event, cause and association marketing harness the power of sponsorship, making it work for them. IEG tackles the sponsorship aspect accross all sports. Great and very professional content.

Sports Business:
My daily read on football. Latest news, events, conferences, marketing activations etc. A must website to have and read.

Sports One
My favourite to have the latest quarter results of sports brands. Great source of football marketing content and news.

Great Moments of Sportsmanship:
Founded by Paul R. Smith, the core dedication is Sportsmanship across all sports. The book is a must read. It’s an amazing collection of short, true stories from sporting legends around the world.

Up to date sponsorship articles and news. Very good content and trustworthy news and experience.

Sporting Intelligence:
Great market researches, surveys on all football segments. Very accurate with worthwhile information.

A.T Kearney:
A.T. Kearney is a global team of innovative, insightful and collaborative experts who deliver creative, meaningful and, above all, sustainable results. A.T Kearney published a fantastic study about sustainability in football.

Premium evaluation and consultancy in Sports Marketing. SPORT+MARKT’s company strategy is focused on maximising the success of its clients on the global sport, sponsorship and advertising markets.  It is our target to become the leading global research and consultancy company in international sport marketing. SPORT+MARKT published meaningful insights about the top 20 most popular football clubs.

If you have football marketing website you believe relevant to list here, please let me know!

Karl Lusbec



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