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3 Powerful Players

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According to a Sport+Markt survey, Sportswear brands adidas, Nike and Puma are the most recognisable football sponsors in the top five European markets.

Nike, adidas and Puma will all play a key marketing role on the pitch during the FIFA World Cup 2010.  Indeed, with 12 teams qualified for the event, adidas is leading the way, followed by Nike with 9 teams and Puma with 7 Federations attending.

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The video in football. Yes or No?

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Hello all,

There is one topic which generates interest, passion, constructive/non constructive comments in football. I am NOT talking about Thierry Henry’s handball. I leave this topic for later, like a warm apple pie everybody is waiting to come out of the oven (again). I am talking about the usage of the video in football. Well, you will tell me that those 2 topics are closely linked right? If the video had existed, France’s goal vs Ireland would have been disallowed and Ireland would have scored 4 goals right after the handball and would have been qualified for the World Cup. Okay, fair enough.

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Interview: adidas South Africa Marketing Director Gavin Cowley on the 2010 FIFA World Cup

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Gavin Cowley is the adidas South Africa Marketing Director and Local Head 2010 FIFA World Cup.

I had the pleasure to work with him on several football projects.  Gavin has a true passion for football and genuine dedication to make football a unique social developing and unifying component for South Africa.  He is a key player within the adidas organisation, his knowledge of the country, his integrity make him a respected and trusted character.

I interviewed him to get his view on the first World Cup in South Africa; on the marketing activations, competition, but also on how the World Cup will contribute to the social and economic development of the country.


Karl Lusbec

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Valentine’s day and football ARE a good mix

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The bosman law, Raymond Domenech proposing to his fiancée after France being kicked out of Euro 2008, Didier Drogba’s statement at the end of the lost Champions League semi final vs Barcelona, Diego Maradona telling journalists how much he………..loves them. All are REALLY strong and powerful statements.

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Welcome to Karl’s Football Lounge

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Welcome to my Football Lounge, the football marketing blog!

Welcome everybody!!

The purpose of this blog is to share with you my views on football marketing and on football in general. Football is part of me as an individual and as a professional  and there are so many topics to touch base on, that I felt compelled to interact, not only with football marketers, but also with football fans.

I will try to write as many diverse football marketing articles as possible, but will also talk about hot topics that are making the current breaking news ie Thierry Henry’s handball.

It’s my first blog and I am looking forward to making it a true Football Lounge with you.

Stay tuned and enjoy the blog!

Karl Lusbec

PS: The World Cup you see me holding is an official replica.  As heavy, as beautiful as the real one. Somehow, my dream as a kid came true!


Bienvenue sur mon Football Lounge, le blog du football marketing!

Bienvenue à tous!!

Le but de ce blog est de partager avec vous des articles sur le football marketing, mais sur le football en général.  J’ai crée ce blog parce que le football a contribué à mon développement individuel et professionel. Aussi, il y a une foultitude de choses à dire, à commenter et à analyser.  Je me devais d’ajouter mon grain de sel et d’avoir les réactions non seulement des professionnels du marketing, mais des fans de foot en général.

J’essaierais de poster des articles touchant un grand nombre de sujets de football marketing, mais aussi d’évenements footballistiques qui font la une des journaux comme la main de Thierry Henry par exemple……je suis sur que cela vous fera réagir.

C’est mon premier blog, et j’ai hate de faire de Football Lounge un espace confortable et dynamique.

Bon blogging!

Karl Lusbec

PS: La Coupe du Monde que j’ai sur la photo est une réplique officielle. Aussi lourde et magnifique que l’authentique trophée. D’un certain coté, je me dis que j’ai réalisé mon reve d’enfant! 43SQGR8RTKMQ