AC Milan Acquired through Crowdfunding?

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According to Sport Business, a consortium of major Chinese companies is set to join forces with a crowdfunding initiative in a bid to acquire ailing Italian Serie A football club AC Milan, according to Chinese state news agency Xinhua.
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Coca-Cola Fair Play Machines: The Inter & AC Milan “Peacemakers”

Coca Cola fair play machines 2014

Hi everyone,
Call me naive but I do believe that football can contribute to social change and make the world a better place. On that matter, Coca-Cola is showing that the fiercest football rivalries can end up with smiles, tolerance and respect.
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Nike Acquires adidas and Puma: April Fools Joke….really?

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As many of you guessed, my yesterday article about Nike acquiring adidas and Puma was an April fools joke. I received some tweets, emails of friends, colleagues of the industry, some wondering if it was true, others in total disbelief. Regardless, it was fun. However, can this happen?
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