After Henry and Aguero, PUMA Adds Fabregas to its Portfolio

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Recently, PUMA added Aguero to its players’ portfolio. Fabregas is now a new addition to PUMA’s football athletes. The former Arsenal captain will wear Puma’s new PowerCat 1.12 boot and will be the face of the German sportswear brand’s global marketing campaign for the footwear.
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The Rotterdam AND adidas Roots of Robin Van Persie

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A friend of mine told me a couple of days ago that he only wears Nike sneakers because he grew with the brand in the early 90’s as a Basket Ball player. I was watching the Rotterdam roots of Van Persie video. An interesting video where adidas points out an important aspect: Growing kids with a brand is crucial.
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Cesc Fabregas Back Home: Més Que Humour!

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Presenting a new player to the press and the fans, is an exercise football clubs take very seriously. Not only it is a marketing opportunity to unveil player’s official number and sell replicas, but it is also a fantastic platform to promote the club’s image and values. FC Barcelona chose to take the humour route.

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The Top 10 Football Sponsorship Deals

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As rivals argue over Manchester City football clubs’ £400m ($642.2m) sponsorship deal with Etihad Airways – both owned by Abu Dhabi – it has taken the title as football’s biggest sponsorship deal ever and will no doubt leave its Premierships rivals green with jealousy. What follows are ten other equally impressive mega bucks deals by top European football clubs.
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