French Women National Team in adidas at London Olympics: FFF Owes Nike €5 Million

Hi everyone,
The French Women National Team endorsed adidas gear at the Olympics in London instead of their official kit supplier’s Nike. I doubted that Nike would stand still on this matter since they sponsor FFF for €42.6 million a year. Nike took action and FFF owes the swoosh €5 million.
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Nike and the French Football Federation: United by our Differences

Hi everyone,
Nike, who officially took over from 38 years of partnership between adidas and the French Federation, introduced the new French Football kit. A very interesting positioning where the Beaverton firm put forward the multi-ethnic french values, the sustainable story and the freedom factor. Let’s check it out.
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Sponsors quit Les Bleus sinking ship

Hello everyone,
The attraction of the 2010 FIFA World Cup was the ongoing circus “Les Bleus” showed the world. Their actions hit the headlines of the German, Swiss, US, English and especially Irish press. On a personal point of view, I think their behaviour is a disgrace, shameful, but also so predictable. Not only the coach share a big chunk of responsibilities, also the players and pseudo “leaders”, but essentially the heads of the French Football Federation. Anyways, the goal of My Football Lounge is to primarily focus on the marketing element of football. Les Bleus sponsors are having serious concerns after the dramatic World Cup they went through. Let’s have a look.

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Anelka and the football club brand image

Howdy everybody,
Shocking news today. Nicolas Anelka the Chelsea stricker insuted Raymond Domenech, the french coach. His words during half time of France vs Mexico: “Go f*ck yourself you dirty son of a b*tch”!
These word are shocking, unacceptable and unforgivable. Not only they are awful by their nature, but completely intolerable. I do see a strong club image component into it as Anelka is a Chelsea player, and his attitude reflects on the London club’s image.

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