Has Financial Fair Play Become a Nightmare?

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UEFA is continuing to investigate fewer than 20 European clubs suspected of failing financial fair play rules. The number of clubs suspected of rule breaches has fallen from 76 after further investigations since February.
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Manchester City Reveals Drop in Losses

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Manchester City has released its Annual Report for the 2011/12 season revealing that the club’s annual losses more than halved compared to the previous season and that the club’s revenues broke the £200m threshold for the first time.

The report shows a net loss of £97.9m, down from £197.5m in the previous period while the club also revealed annual revenues of £231.1m.
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Chelsea not Ready for Financial Fair Play with a $107 million Loss

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A couple of days ago, I was questioning whether or not the UEFA Financial Fair Play will be a success or failure. Will big clubs be facing sanctions from the governing body because of bad financials. Chelsea reported a record turnover of $325 million for the past financial year, but also a loss $107 million. Not a good sign.
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